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purple banshee
Wow, it's been so long since I've been on here that the format has changed. *blinks* Well, I suppose it now looks less like LJ and a bit more like facebook, which is where I spend most of my time anyway...

So, this fall in bullet points:

- survived HurriSuperCalifragWhatEverTheyreCallingItNow Sandy without losing even internet. The aftermath was and still is a bit of a different story with Work, gas crisis, and some volunteering.

- won Nano for the 6th time (really didn't think I did, considering bullet # 1)

um. oh yes.

- surviving work

-booked trip to Galapagos and Ecuador (and I probably should have typed that the other way around but not changing in now) in January (from work survival money)

- have my ticket already form the Hobbit on 12/15

- TV's current big show is Once Upon A Time, but also can't wait for GoT to return

-Christmas decorations up and Christmas shopping almost done. Any suggestions for a roommate/brother whose only interest is Sports whining?

So, anyone on here that is still a facebook holdout, tell me what you've been up to!

New Musics!!

music whore
Brianna the Bodhran. She matches my shoes.


And my new Gaelic Storm cd came today, complete with teeshirt and beer cozy :)


Good morning, campers

purple banshee
Just back from a week in the Catskills for Irish Arts Week, where the temperature was slightly cooler than NYC. We sweat buckets during the ceilis but there were the pool and waterfall to make up for it in the afternoon. Pretty dry up there tho; the swimming hole by the waterfall was chest deep last year, this year it barely reached my waist.

I came with multiple mosquito bites, several new CDs and a new drum. It's a tunable bodhran and its trim matches my flip flops. I noticed this when we were having a informal session at a friend's rental up the road from our hotel. I was sitting on the couch and set the drum on the floor next to the shoes and went "oh hey". I took a pic for Facebook but can't find away to post it here from the phone.

In other news the Mets still suck, work is still crazy, etc. Have a few stalled writing projects including a rewrite and a couple fics. Thinking about doing a fic for camp nano just to get it out of ny brain, and to get the writing muscles working again.

So, what's new with you?


purple banshee
Downloaded elljay app for phone, now to see if it works...

Home again, home again

purple banshee
Actually I've been home since Sat, but with various challenges (getting from Brussels to Dublin to NY? No Problem. From Jamaica to Bayside? Gotta love the LIRR...), laundry, cleaning (IKR??), consuming chocolate (ahem), and getting back to work *sigh* I have been remiss with wrap up. Our last hotel had no wifi so I had to wait till getting home to upload my Belgium pics. Tho, if I had only left my camera cable in my backpack I could have done during my 6 hours in the Dublin airport...

For those who wish to see my million and one pictures (I jest, only 386. or something.) they are all here:

A quick recap:
Easter weekend in London, much walking, Easter service at St Paul's which was cool, and then much more walking, including a Shakespeare walk and a long stroll on both sides of the Thames to cross Tower Bridge at night. Also might have payed a friendly visit to Starbucks as the people in our hotel were under the impression that sticking Nescafe in a machine with steaming water constitutes coffee.

Chunnel to Paris, where eight of us rented an apartment for a week. It was a really cool apartment with random stairs, hodgepodge of architecture, and a Star Trek shower. All of us are used to living alone, so there was a bit of adjustment, but I think we did pretty well. Also, no further trips to Starbucks were required (tho they are legion in Paris) b/c unlike the English, the French know how to make coffee. (no offense ;))

We saw many jardins, ate much bread and cheese, skipped anything that had more than an hour queue, and once again did much walking. On our second to last day we went to play some Irish music at the nursing home where my friend's grandmother lives. They weren't too sure of us at first, till K got up to dance - she's leggy and redheaded and a champion dancer, so atoned for many of our musical sins. I think we were a hot after that!

Next we went to Bruges, which aside from being a frakkin fairytale was also frakkin freezing. I bought my first souvenir - a scarf. Also chocolates. It might have been the cold and rain but Belgium had the best museums. The converted hospital in Bruges and the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels were both most awesome. Also, frites! and beer! and have I mentioned chocolate? I need to go running...

I shall leave you with a pic of me, ses_gatergirl, and a peeing boy. (thankfully I thought to wear a hat)


Bruges - it's a frakkin fairy tale

purple banshee
Pardon the mnixed metaphors :)

the bellfort


view after climbing the 366 steps:


A bear! A bear!



purple banshee
I wish to live here.


in one of these houses.


But why does no one sell stuffed gargoyles?

Paris, day 3

purple banshee
The Eiffel Tower, sparkly


Joan of Arc (Noah's wife)